Coloured Emotions

By Aqeel Parvez


the Saudis executed

37 men today,

some beheaded for

phoney crimes.

for sending WhatsApp

messages and attending

anti government protests

and many people

believe it’s a religion of



just as peaceful

as marxism or capitalism

or most isms.


the solution to it all is more

complex than a woman’s

coloured emotions

and most groups

of thinking are a

steaming, infested pile of shit.


us people get left behind,

stamped on, fucked over.

all we have is our humanity,

our art, our perseverance.

to endure this and get up in

the morning.


to look up at the sky

and crack on with life.

to believe in no god,


the only God is you.


Aqeel Parvez writes and makes art. He lives in Leeds, UK. He is the author of; The Streetlights Are Beckoning Nirvana (Analog Submission Press) & his latest chapbook, Anthem Of Purgatory (Self Published) is out now. Find him on Instagram @ap.writer and twitter @aqeelparvez

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