Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!)

By David Estringel

“Gimme some sweet!” 
we scream
blessed by your MAD words
BAD words
GLAD words
letting them scorch palates
y quemar nuestros labios
like Holy Wafers
in the Devil’s mouth.
Give us a taste
of life
you’re loco
salty and caramel-kissed— 
with every candy-flip of the page
forming crystalizations
of lithium-pink
opiate rock (candy)
on dripping tips of lenguas
(so ready)
that hunger for the taste 
of sweet poets’ milk
melting rains of cajeta
upon wanting chins and souls
under hot breaths of your WICKED verse.

“Gimme some sweet!” 
longing for a fix—
of your word-sugar
(tus palabras dulces)
their velvety, fatal stabs 
to the heart
(mi corazón)
and the backs of throats
(releasing bad blood and MAD words)
like glistening Astro Pops
sharpened and honed
by the spit and rolling tongues
of PrOphETS—
their anointing mouths
and bleeding pens
working their brujería—
confectionate necromancies—
upon lifeless eardrums
y animas
that languished bitterly
in reductive states 
of silent subtraction. 


Gimme some sweet!
(Some candied teats to suckle)
Gimme some sweet!
(Sticky trickles of sanctified honey-nectar)
Gimme some sweet!
(El fuego…la alma en mi sangre)
Gimme some sweet!
(Good, proper skull-fucks that inject your Truths)
Gimme some sweet!
(A case of “the sugars” that never felt so good)
Ándale! Dame tu dulce
y no me dejaís aquí estropeado!
(Don’t leave me here CRASHING)

David Estringel is a ‘2019 Best of the Net’ and ‘2019 Over the Edge New Writer of the Year’ nominee, whose work has been accepted and/or published by Specter Magazine, Foliate Oak Magazine, Terror House Magazine, Expat Press, and more.

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