By Gale Acuff


I haven’t got a lot of time left, Miss

Hooker’s my Sunday School teacher and she

says that the world can end any time it

pleases God to end it, how He could be

pleased is beyond me but then so is He

and for that matter Miss Hooker, too, I


might never grow up to ask her out on

a date and I can’t very well ask her

now since I’m only 10 to her 25

so I need for God to hold off on His

Divine Plan, if it is His plan, that’s what

Miss Hooker says and she seems to know what

she’s talking about as if she got it

from the man himself, I mean God, of course,

so now I’m not sure what to pray for, Come


Lord Jesus or I’m not quite ready yet

for the end of everything and me just

ten lousy years old but Miss Hooker says

Children, it’s time for you all to get saved

if you’re not saved yet and I know for sure

that a few of you aren’t, and she looked right


at me, almost through me, maybe the way

God would, maybe Jesus, too, but then He

seems at least a little kinder, tonight

I’ll pray to Him to hold His Father off

from blowing the universe to pieces

and then, I guess, blowing the pieces to

atoms or even less, so much less it’s

nothing, but then Jesus said somewhere I

and the Father are one, which is bad news

for me and Sweet Romance. Before things fall


apart I’m going to tell Miss Hooker

how much I love her and even though I’m

just a boy and not a man I’ll go for

anything of love a boy can have that’s

still legal and righteous. Or maybe not

–wouldn’t it be funny if Miss Hooker

came to me and told me that she feels just


like I feel for her? Not that she could know

unless maybe by some miracle but

I think that would scare me to death and if

so I won’t have to be alive to see

the end of everything two times over.


It would be something if we were holding

hands when the end comes or even kissing.

I guess that it would be our honeymoon.


Gale Acuff has had hundreds of poems published in literary journals and has authored three books of poetry. He has taught university English in the US, China, and Palestine, where he teaches at Arab American University.

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