Bat / Crack of light

By Natasha Devalia


It used to be 
inside me

It ripped free,  
the bat 
within me

split ribs
tear free

wings flap
night tree
new moon
over sea

Crack of Light

Can I be she who sees 
not the breaks,
but the light
which peeps through the cracks?

Can I be she who waits 
for beauty to unfold
at its own undying pace?

Can I be she who uproots 
herself, because that 
is the seed of bearing fruit?

But to be uprooted is a heavy penance,
cracks; lifelines, worn as medals.

Natasha Devalia is Zambian of Indian heritage living in Thailand. She writes, performs, teaches dance and yoga and enjoys painting. Natasha is the owner of Studio Figure Eight, in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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