Area 51 / In Utero

By Amy Daisy Van Duzer

Area 51

I’ll be your muse 
You can be my 
Come as you are 
Work hard 
Live by night 
Fly by day 
off white 
Speed in the slow lane 
We only have
100 miles to go 
Before we reach 
The Luxor
That light I swear 
Reminded me of 
Déjà vu

In utero

I met him at the after-hours on Van Ness
One morning

I think his name was Tous

He told me he knew I had a brain

I would later learn he took his own life

A lost battle, I guess.

Men and women
We’re not so different after all

Amy Van Duzer is a lifelong writer and MFA candidate at Mt. Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She is most inspired by her travels as well as other poets and lyricists. She has published pieces in magazines such as “Parallax.” Follow her on Instagram @amydaisyvand 

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