By Thomas Hannah


I cant continue like this

slowly eroding in my bed

winch my gutted carcass

up to an iv doctor

I’m too tired & sick of the illness

I feel like anaesthesia


like Lyme disease


when you exhume me

interpret my hieroglyphics

tell the world what my scars say

I destroyed everything that touched me

I was young for a while

& woke up old overnight

I induced this coma

backed into a corner

surrounded by a half circle

of weekend friends

armed to the nostrils

ready to exploit the blow to my head

spoon this knife charlatans

I’m a pinata

full of darkness

once broken

I’m a monster behind the laughter

& amnesia’s lost it’s flavour


I love you

Did you know that?


Thomas J Hannah is a poet from Sydney Australia. His work often tackles themes of tragedy, hedonism and the human condition. He is currently working on his first full length release.

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