By TTS Hussein 


I look at the wall,

The wall looks the same.

Pin drop silence around me,

It’s midnight.

Tick-tock, Tick-tock, Tick-tock.

The clock.

The same sound.

I am in the room for how many days?

I am a night owl.

I sleep all day long.

The sun bothers me.

The light is clear to see everything.

Let me sleep and awake at night.

The night is safe.

No one around, no one to judge,

Reality won’t bother.

I look at the wall,

I see a bug.

Alone at night like me.

Trying to get out of this room,

But there is no escape.

Both of us locked in this room.

It is safe here.

Wise men say, “the most difficult thing in life is to accept life as it is”

I have, wise men!

No daylight, awakening at night.

I have accepted the life, the reality

By staying away from them.

But now, I feel the wall is approaching.

The small bug, where are you?

Has the wall engulfed you?

Does the wall want to engulf me.

I feel suffocating, I am drowning,

No! Hold my hand.

There is no one.

I have drowned, yet I live without breathing.

I have lived, looked at Abyss for so long,

Now Abyss has become my dwelling place and my companion.

All ends.


The story continues.


Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein is an aesthete from Dhaka, Bangladesh & holds an MA in British & American Literature. Her Poems have appeared in Our Poetry Archive Anthology ‘Spiritual Poetry Beyond Borders’ 2018, The Pangolin Review, A Poem A Day @poetrypotion,Ink and Sword Magazine, Turnpike Magazine, A Tribute to Gabriel Okara Anthology, Academy of Heart and Mind, Tiny seed literary journal, Libretto Literary magazine, Our Poetry Archive Spirit of Nature Anthology 2019, Pomona Valley Review.

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