About us


We are Cephalopress, an independent publishing house formed of writers. At heart, we’re interested in literature that explores the highs and lows of human experience.

We publish poems, short stories, and novellas.

Our aim is to publish literature that resonates with people, questions societal beliefs, pushes boundaries, and makes people think. We want to publish excellent, brave, and often experimental works that sit proudly outside mainstream publishing.


Cephalopress welcomes submissions from everyone, including new and established authors. We have a special interest in uplifting voices that are outside mainstream publishing, including women, queer people, and people of colour.


Cephalopress was set up in 2018 by good friends and former colleagues and teachers, Dr. Maté Jarai and Dave Trevelion. The aim, to fill a gap in the market, that as writers seeking publication, both of them had found to be cosmic.

For many people writing out there, trying to get published is a minefield of box ticking, and adhering to dull and boring conventions. If you aren’t a certain way, if you don’t write a certain way, if there is no commercial viability, you are fucked. You don’t stand a chance. You may be the best writer to ever live, but as dear Kafka discovered, until years after his death, he had no chance. We want the Kafkas of today to enjoy literary success while they are still breathing and walking around amidst this madness we call planet earth.

Today, we have an awesome team of 8 magical, hardworking, and dedicated people. We are all friends, lovers of books, literature, art in general, and most importantly, we want to take on the world, with a big fuck you to the giants of publishing and corporate industry in general. We are here to do it our way, and do it better. We want to give voices to the voiceless and challenge all things that have come to be the norm.

Through ideas, through words, through poetry and stories, we want to help change the world. Things on our planet, in our lifetime at least, have never been so bad. So through publishing, through our writers and poets, we want to do all we can to change that.  It’s big and it’s bold, but that’s us.

The Team:

Dr Maté Jarai
Maté Jarai - Editor-in-Chief
Dave Trevelion
Business Director
Dave Trevelion - Business Director
Dr Stina Wilkins
Dr Stina Wilkins - Editor
Dr Amy Smith
Daniel Lambert
Art Director
Diletta Arzani 
Social Media Manager
Dilette Arzani - Social Media Manager
Mel Page
For further information drop us an email at info@cephalopress.com