A New Generation

By Stefan Petcov


One where code was

written, one where

everyone was bitten by the bug

that they were spitting,

vibrations licking from the

great beginning, big bang

and buck the weekends

killing, I phone this place

though we are spilling

darkest secrets to the



Delete this message from

your memory and you’ll be

feeling, hearts that lead

you to a purpose, maybe

one day you wanted to

dress a purse in a stress

and relieve it from that

because the best just seek

to serve this, they seek

because they believe that

every angle is a clearing



Ride these pastures profit

poetry, write your

Bukowski’s into poems,

see, then you will realise to

return to the love that lives

inside of me. What is it that

takes you higher, this is my

vibration, this is your



See the colour red and the

capital is owned by the

town crier, who’s spilling

out that hope for fire, an

egoist who’s relevant to

media and walks on wire.

Two number letter

combination that returns to

slay the nation. What’s the

policeman asking of the

hostess at the station?

What to buy to kill a beat or

what you murder for a

seat? Pay, delete, pay

retreat, patter like a leper

that keeps all the

strangeness of your

tapestry safe despite your



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