A Fortnight’s Time

By Thomas Hannah



as I’m preying

I think the gravity

of my irrationality

will finally ground me

from this orbiting

when this lumbering

airbus taxis

like a sleepy albatross

stretching her wings

ready to run wild

into the wind

to the water

at the edge of Sydney’s

departing tarmac

only to wait

until the yellow bellies

white knuckles

grit their teeth

before lifting upwards

to the sky


to a life

only miles away

but right isolated

close your eyes

& talk quiet


nobody will listen

nobody will notice your existence

like a dormant pathogen


but too tired for malignancy

remember the shining

I feel like jack Nicholson

only a little more crazy than that

without the cash & Pats on the back

from the way I’ve been acting

I deserve more than a rap sheet


I bet

he must have won a Grammy or something

guess who you know is everything


before I fly this cuckoos nest

I’ll listen to the safety instructions

from the ratcheds carefully

& smile carelessly

only hoping the fucking things falls

to the Pacific

or whatever sea this is

I’m a little weakling

maybe a mid strength will fix things

I’ll order & wait for service thinking

how much I miss you

& all that everything.


Thomas J. Hannah is a poet from Sydney, Australia. His work often tackles themes of tragedy, hedonism, and the human condition. He is currently working on his first full-length release.

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