We Are All Arjuna

By Thomas Taragni


We all are Arjuna, involved despite ourselves

in the fray without rules

of the eternal fight between beings and the Whole.

Existence becomes an incandescent dart

thrown to the horizon of becoming

from the silver bow of consciousness.

The swinging pendulum marks the moments

before it sticks to the heart

of everything we really wanted,

of everything that has always called us to itself.

But are we really skilled archers if even seeing

the darkness of the world,

the blackest darkness of man,

we ultimately choose to sacrifice ourselves,

and climb on the cross of our time?

We should all kill Krishna,

before the promise of eternal victory

may prove to be our biggest defeat.


Thomas Taragni is an Italian philosophy student but, most of all, an insatiable learner. He writes to heal and understand, record the universality of the many faces of human sorrow, and the little and enchanting hope that hides beneath them. For more works, visit his personal profile on Instagram @tho_m95

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