Twitch City

By Tony Nesca

On Broadway the lights shine grey
winos beg for jack-shit-nothing
and her and I trip through
the violin sweet water music
crazy bastard asks for change
sure we say right on brother,
in central park downtown Winnipeg trio
of Natives sit on park bench passing the bottle
laughing and happy we share our own cold-gin
comfort under that
thirsty sun,
underground mall deserted her breasts keep
moaning to the heavy neon power chords
river-walk hot and dizzy we
pause and light up
streetlight urchin ragged
mud-river honey not so sweet
the wink of her eye tells me everything
old guy sits by riverbank smoking a joint
other fellow with beer in hand pauses and thinks
young morning lovers race down the boardwalk,
in the Osborne Village people laugh dark and loud
the Goth-Heads hit that desperate note
mini-skirts short and ragged
thigh-high leather screaming violent love
hard rock misery blaring from dark places
yeah in the Osborne Village the hippies cry deep
the morning come-ugly
funky shops grinning late night heartache
gloomy neon kisses you goodbye
and always beside me she sings vodka/orangesunday
fire trucks scream in dark alleys
Irish pub dances lightly and the
sisters of mercy parade down the boulevard –
she takes my hand shows me her tongue
drug-happy we bash teeth in the coming


Tony Nesca was born in Torino, Italy in 1965 and moved to Canada at the age of three. He was raised in Winnipeg but relocated back to Italy several times until finally settling in Winnipeg in 1980. He has published six chapbooks of stories and poems (which he used to sell straight out of his knapsack at local dives and bookstores), six novels, five books of poetry, one short story collection, and has been an active contributor to the underground lit scene for twenty years, being published in innumerable magazines both online and in print. He currently resides in Winnipeg.

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