Suits and Bums

By Niklas Stephenson


Men and women in suits

scurry and hurry

on the move, rushing

apathetic and pathetic

content and willing

to crawl up the boss’ ass

to afford things

they think will subdue time

the bum watches and smiles

knowing that time doesn’t exist

and death hides in their shadow

ready to make their lives

spent pleasing and appeasing

a wasted one

while he has the time to

observe and learn from the world

giving him

death as prize not tragedy.

Niklas “Manik” Stephenson is a German American writer and poet currently living in Speyer, Germany. He has published two chapbooks of poetry with Analog Submission Press and self published a novel, “Bloodbursts”, available on Amazon. In his spare time he provocates whoever and whatever he can and finds peace with his wife, son and family. Instagram @manikbloc 

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