Dead brain visionary and lost hope

By Niklas Stephenson


B clusterfuck !

R kaleidoscope vision

A in monocohrome!

I synapses       torn

N silence too loud !

the loud gets louder quietly…


stop the silence!


D backwards timeline!

E future past

A reconstructing devastation!

D tomorrow is now and now

is already gone …


stop the complacency!


V flashes !

I seeing darkness

S birds falling from the skies!

I fire from above!

O melting skin!

N unworthy humans!

A paradise in ruins

R built to destroy!

Y you can build a house but not a home

the ground is shaky and rotten!


stop the ecocide!


L civilization breakdown!

O civility in hatred and murder

S starving killers kill

T the almost starved are killed !


stop this pseudo evolution!


H black plague of papers!

O disagreeing agreements !

P money is matter

E it will save us!


stop killing us all for profits!


Niklas “Manik” Stephenson is a German American writer and poet currently living in Speyer, Germany. He has published two chapbooks of poetry with Analog Submission Press and self published a novel, “Bloodbursts”, available on Amazon. In his spare time he provocates whoever and whatever he can and finds peace with his wife, son and family. Instagram @manikbloc 

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