Certain kinds of sadness

By Neil Randall

certain kinds of sadness are reassuring.

like sitting in an empty pub,

hungover, on a Monday morning,

knowing that something important is passing you by;

that you’ll regret wasting a precious day like this.

but knowing, just as certainly,

that to grab at life, to clamour and coldly aspire

has none of the same reassurance or consolation.

in fact, it’s the saddest kind of sadness of them all.

Neil Randall is a novelist and short story writer. His debut novel A Quiet Place to Die (Wild Wolf Publishing) was voted e-thriller Book of the Month for February 2014. His historical novels, The Holy Drinker and The Butterfly and the Wheel (both Knox Robinson Publishing) have been widely praised. His latest thriller, The Girl in the Empty Room (Crooked Cat Publishing) was released in September of last year. His debut short story collection Tales of Ordinary Sadness (Knox Robinson Publishing) has received much critical acclaim: Darkness Reigns at the Foot of the Lighthouse was short-listed for the prestigious Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2009, and Hands long-listed for the RTÉ Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story Competition 2015. 

Neil’s latest novel Bestial Burdens was published by Cephalopress.

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